Downtown Entrepreneur: Clairmont and Co

Have you ever wondered what it looks like to start a handmade business? Where to even begin? The story of the Clairmont’s may shed some light on the subject.

In the beginning…

A little over eight years ago, Stephen and DeShawn Clairmont had an idea for a new business. They were both busy college students with little extra time for jobs.  Since they were both the creative type, him studying architecture and her elementary education, they decided to make things to sell at trade shows on the weekends.

Little did they know that it would grow into what it is today.


Soon after getting started, the business started taking off and there was a high demand for their products. Even stores were asking if their products were available for wholesale. When the time was right, the couple jumped at the opportunity to become a wholesaler.

img_00471 img_00501

Ready for Growth

They now have over ten employees and run their business out of the old Marcus Furniture building right here in downtown Laurel. As the business continues to grow, the couple continues to dream of where this handmade business will take them.

“We started with no experience and nothing more than our desire and God’s plan which has led us on the roller coaster ride we like to call Clairmont and Co.  Clairmont and Co has truly turned into one of our greatest blessings in life.” -DeShawn Clairmont

DeShawn and Stephen have recently opened their own show room, the Artisans Loft, in Atlanta at Americas Mart and have big plans to continue expanding their business. Look for a storefront coming sometime in 2017!

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You can read more and see products made by Clairmont and Co here.


Written by Keri Rowell

Keri is a member of the Laurel Main Street Board of Directors and the Promotions Committee Chair. She has been involved with Laurel Main Street since high school, and owns a small business in Downtown Laurel.