Start Your Business

A Step by Step Checklist

STARTING A NEW BUSINESS takes hard work. Finding the right people to help you won’t. These folks can point you in the right direction from start to finish:

1. State Business Tax Forms: MS Department of Revenue

2. City Tax Forms

The City of Laurel Meals & Occupancy Tax is 2% and is submitted with state sales tax of 7%. This form may be obtained at Laurel City Hall (401 N. 5th Avenue).

3. Business & Professional Operators License

Obtain licenses from City Clerk at City Hall: (601) 428-6401

4. City Utilities

CABLE TELEVISION Comcast: (601) 336-2759 122 5th Street

ELECTRICITY Mississippi Power: (601) 426-4800 108 Mason Street GAS CenterPoint Energy: (800) 371-5417 26 Mason Street

WATER & GARBAGE United Water Laurel (Water, Sewer & Garbage): (601) 428-6426 at City Hall (Oak Street entrance)

New water hook-up prices vary starting at $430 Renters Deposit : $100
Property Owner Deposit: $100
Sewer Hook-Up Deposit: $200

Dumpsters are to be located and screened as per town zoning area.

Bills are due depending on area, on the 10th, 20th, and 30th of every month.

5. City Permits, Inspections & Zoning

BUILDING PERMITS AND ZONING Susan Norman (601) 428-6438
FIRE CODES Battalion Chief Howard Kitchens (601) 319-6471 at Fire Station #1 (314 Ellisville Blvd. )
INSPECTION DEPARTMENT Danny Hayes (601) 428-6131 at City Hall

Don’t forget!

Prior to improving or renovating a building in the Central Business District, A SITE PLAN MUST BE SUBMITTED AND APPROVED BY THE INSPECTION DEPARTMENT, then you will be advised as to Planning Commission and Historic Commission guidelines and requirements as well as signage and zoning ordinances.