LAUREL MAIN STREET is an organization dedicated to the revitalization of Historic Downtown Laurel, made possible by partnership with our members, the City of Laurel, public and private contributors and the Mississippi Main Street Association and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

The focus of Laurel Main Street is the preservation and economic growth of Laurel’s Central Business District. LMS is one of 50 certified Main Street Communities in the State of Mississippi.

Did you know?


Businesses Opened:  43

Jobs Created:  125

Expansions:  12

Private Investment:  $9.1 million +

Facade Improvements:  24

Apartments: 28


Winner of 11 MS Main Street Awards • New Bicycle Rack • New Trash Cans • Oak Street Pocket Park • LJC Library Mural • Marcus Furniture Building Mural • Graffiti Removal Program • Way-Finding Signage • 1-59 Billboards Sandwich Boards Loan Program • We Are Laurel Banner Campaign • Walking Tour Brochure • Trees Planted Along Central Ave. • Rehabilitation of Leontyne Price Park • Rehabilitation of Sidewalk Planter

Why you should join us.


YOUR MEMBERSHIP, partnership and sponsorship dollars allow Laurel Main Street to continue its programming, which includes hosting downtown events, completing beautification projects, improving existing facades and developing and recruiting new businesses in downtown.

We invite you to join Laurel Main Street and help us turn the vision of a revitalized Downtown laurel into a reality. Your Membership offers the benefit of knowing firsthand about downtown events and projects. Members can become even more proactive by joining one of our committees. Most importantly, you or your business will receive a voice of the issues that affect downtown.


Imagine the day you wake up and ooze out of bed. Your hair is messy, and your clothes are wrinkled. You eat breakfast alone before grudgingly walking out of your door. While the sun is up, you like Facebook posts, read news articles, let the day fall away. You pass hundreds of people but exchange nothing more than a polite smile. This is a life of disconnection, a lack of community.

Now, image the day you join family and friends in creating a better tomorrow. You join with people who have a vision of vibrancy and are willing to work to achieve it. This is the purpose of Laurel Main Street.

Why join? To be connected. Why get involved? To create a community.

Laurel Main Street is dedicated to creating a vibrant and sustainable Downtown Laurel, and membership in our organization helps support that mission!


Individual: $50

Family: $100

Business: $250+

Partner: $1,000

*All memberships will run January- December of the calendar year. All Invoices will be sent in November and due by January 31st. *



  • Decal – All individual members will receive a Laurel Main Street decal.
  • Included in our quarterly email from Laurel Main Street


  • Two Decals – Laurel Main Street families will receive two Laurel Main Street decals.
  • Included in our quarterly email from Laurel Main Street
  • Family listed on our website as a member


  • Committee Advice – Our committees consist of experienced professionals in the fields of Economic Restructuring, Design, Promotions, and Organization. If you are facing a particular problem, feel free to ask for advice from any or all our committees.
  • Consulting – Our committee members are also available for individual consulting in their respective fields if you require additional professional advising.
  • Classes – As part of an effort to ensure the efficacy of downtown businesses, Laurel Main Street will sponsor classes that cover everything from how to effectively use social media to appropriate branding practices. Laurel Main Street members will receive a discount to these classes.
  • Selective Advertising – Laurel Main Street members will have the opportunity for selective advertising through our various mediums. However, strict guidelines will apply because, to ensure the viability and credibility of our brand, we cannot guarantee blanket advertising.
  • Website Listing – Members will be included in the Downtown Directory on the Laurel Main Street Website.
  • Directory Listing – Laurel Main Street Members are listed on our website
  • Laurel Main Street Decal – In order to signify an association with the Laurel Main Street family, decals to display in windows will be provided to members.
  • Sandwich Board Loan Program – Laurel Main Street members will be eligible for the Sandwich Board Loan Program, which allows businesses to make use of sandwich boards that promote the Laurel Main Street brand. Conditions apply.


  • General – Partners will receive all business benefits. However, classes offered by Laurel Main Street will be free.
  • Precedence – Partners will take precedence in the case of conflicting resources. For example, if only one event can be promotedbetween a partner and business level member, the partner’s event will be promoted.
  • Main Street Minute – Partners will receive a video called a Main Street Minute produced, which will highlight the business. The video will be approximately one-minute-long and be posted on Laurel Main Street’s various mediums, i.e., social media, website, etc. WE MUST RETAIN CONTROL OF THE VIDEO BEFORE AND AFTER PRODUCTION. LMS will only create one video for a partner, this video can be revisited for production every 3 years.
  • Partners are welcome to pay $250 every quarter to reach the $1,000 level. General
  • Laurel Main Street will give out a “Business of the Year” recognition to the business or building that does the most to beautify their storefront and create an engaging, inviting culture for their particular space, i.e., building or storefront.
  • Automated Billing
  • All memberships will run January- December of the calendar year. All Invoices will be sent in November and due byJanuary 31st.
  • Laurel Main Street is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit. Any donation or membership made to the organization is tax deductible. Start your Membership Journey by following this QR Codeplease follow this link here,or scan this QR code


Become a Volunteer.


AT LAUREL MAIN STREET, we understand that volunteers are the greatest asset and the key to our success. They are the backbone of our organization and our events and projects. On your membership form please let us know if you are interested in volunteering and in what areas you want to be involved!

Our Events

CHILI COOK-OFF   Third Saturday in February

CRAWFEST   Second Saturday in April

FARMER’S MARKET   Thursdays, June


LOBLOLLY FESTIVAL   First Saturday in October

CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTING  First Thursday in December