Legacy & Leadership: Arthur’s {Established 1936}

Welcome back to our Legacy & Leadership blog series. We’ve taken a break the past few months to focus on all the great things that have been happening, but we want to pause and once again take a look at our history. Arthur’s on Central Avenue is a store that holds some wonderful stories that we wanted to share with you!

What is Arthur’s?

“Arthur’s is a men’s clothing store that opened February 28, 1936.” 

Harold Frohman’s father founded Arthur’s over 80 years ago. He ran the business for 59 years before passing it down to Harold’s older brother. Now Harold has been the owner for the past twenty years!



How did Arthur’s begin?

‘“I’m young; I can go anywhere I want to’…so he just came south.”

The Depression injured Harold’s paternal grandfather’s business, so his father decided to come south. He worked for his maternal grandfather, met his soon to be wife, and started Arthur’s.

Assortment of Documents Arthur Frohman

What has changed since Arthur’s inception?

“For each size that he [Arthur Frohman] needed, he only had one. He had one pair of pants in 32, one in 33, one in 34. When he sold that one, he wrote a letter to the manufacture, and they would send him another one.”

Originally, the store only had one pair of pants in each size because during The Depression manufacturers did not have any money either. Although people and times have changed over the years, Harold points out a sign, The Ten Commandments of Good Business. He says nothing in business has changed.

10 Commandments

Based on what you have learned from running Arthur’s, what is one piece of advice you would give to someone?

“It may sound juvenile for me to say this, but The Golden Rule…”

Treat others the way you want to be treated. This is a rule that we can apply to all people and not just customers.


Phone Number

What is one thing you’d like to see from future generations?

“Stay and be productive.”

Laurel needs young people to choose to invest in their hometown; that’s how our future will be secured. This is the one thing that will help our community thrive.  We need people that are willing to invest, be positive, and be productive!

Cash Register Front

Hole Punched Check

Thank you, Mr. Frohman, for sharing some of your wisdom and history with us.

Written by Keri Rowell

Keri is a member of the Laurel Main Street Board of Directors and the Promotions Committee Chair. She has been involved with Laurel Main Street since high school, and owns a small business in Downtown Laurel.