Lott Furniture Co. – Celebrating 100 Years in Downtown Laurel

When you think of starting a business in a place like Downtown Laurel, you envision old buildings, beautiful facades and hometown folks walking the sidewalks. You imagine a place that is growing and in the midst of restorations, but whispers of times gone by.

But, every once in a while, you get the chance to experience a true reminder of those times. You get a chance to be a part of the legacy held so dear by those who spent their childhoods beneath the towering buildings, who walked to church down 5th avenue beneath the oaks, and who came of age while the Pinehurst Hotel was still standing guard on the hill.

You see, it’s these folks who know what it really means to see Downtown Laurel shedding years of neglect and coming back into herself.

It’s these folks, folks like Rodney Rowell, owner of Lott Furniture Co., who know what the future of our beautiful Downtown holds. It’s these folks who have seen where we came from, and can truly envision where we are going.

For those like Rodney, Downtown Laurel is more than the days ahead, it is over 100 years of history, stories, lives lived and experiences had.

For Rodney, it is his family’s legacy, a fixture in all of the old stories, and a setting for a childhood spent in Mississippi’s Downtown.

A 100 Year Legacy

In 1917, Reuben Lott opened the first Lott Furniture store on Front St. At the time, Front Street was the center of life in Laurel, MS. Located directly across the street from the historic Train Depot, all who lived, worked, shopped and played in Downtown Laurel would pass by its doors. They would stop in to chat with the employees, and to envision the wares held there brightening up their own homes.

For 100 years the legacy of Lott Furniture Co. has lived on, a quiet cornerstone ever present through years of change, struggle, and soon – revitalization.

Lott Furniture is a beacon of our history, and a sign of the strength each new business could achieve.

Celebrate with us as we remember 100 years of leadership and resilience. Join us as we celebrate 100 Years of Lott Furniture.

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