Small Business Saturday is coming to Laurel!

Throughout our Downtown Entrepreneur series we’ve been talking about the importance of small businesses and the impact an entrepreneur can have on those around them.

Take Andrea Milham for instance – the local antique store owner who is working to fill downtown buildings with the ideas and dreams of others.

Or Jim & Mallorie Rasberry, who are preserving history and building a strong future by opening their hearts, as well as their business, to make a way for growth and prosperity in Downtown, Laurel.

Or James and Sue Smith, who revealed their secret for building a business that lasts through the years and a following that can’t be shaken and Bo Watts who told us all about the secrets of growing your young business strategically.

But the entrepreneurial spark isn’t limited to a few; it is a movement in and of itself, and it’s time that we join up. Are you ready?

The #shopsmall movement comes to the City Beautiful!

For decades we’ve rushed off to the big chain stores the day after Thanksgiving to crowd the aisles in search of that one great deal, or this year’s must-have Christmas toy.

Sometimes, in the craziness of it all, we forget that some of our most cherished purchases and most enjoyable shopping experiences were found on a relaxed shopping trip to a local shop, far from the hustle and bustle of the giant department stores.

For those of us who put our heart and souls into every detail of our small business – creating those experiences for our customers is not only a priority, but one of the greatest joys of entrepreneurship.

At LMS, we think it is time to celebrate the little guys, the local folks who put so much love into every detail and who grow excited every time the little bell on the door rings, announcing the presence of a kindred soul, seeking out an experience that is anything but typical.

On November 28, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we will celebrate the ringing of those little bells, and the excitement that goes with them, all over Downtown Laurel for Small Business Saturday.

Small Business Saturday, and the #shopsmall movement, isn’t a new idea (it started in 2010), but it is time that Laurel jumped on board.

As the official Neighborhood Champion for the Laurel, Mississippi #shopsmall Movement and Small Business Saturday along with event sponsors Own Your Hill Local Online Marketing and Studio 5 Fifty – we’re calling you out – business owners and shoppers alike.

How your business can be a part of the #shopsmall movement

On November 28 businesses all over Downtown Laurel will not only open their doors, but will welcome shoppers from all over Laurel with special events, artists, performances, giveaways, promotions and more! Will your business be among them?

As a Laurel Main Street member your business can join the #shopsmall movement and receive the attention of our audience as well as customized promotional tools and tips. You don’t have to be a LMS member to participate, but we’d love to have you as a part of our #shopsmall team. Click here to download our membership application and get ready to #shopsmall!

Need more info? Click here to get in touch.

Preparing your business for Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday Promotion IdeasSBS could be the kickstart your business needs or it could be the next step on your path to success, but it won’t happen by accident. Make a commitment to knock it out of the park with us by following the steps in this FREE guide provided by Own Your Hill founder Bethany Byrd – Your Step-by-Step Marketing Road Map to Small Business Saturday Success.

This guide is full of great tips and tricks usually reserved for the marketing professionals that you can use to skyrocket your business. Don’t miss it!

SBS is the perfect excuse for a fresh, new look

In the coming weeks you’ll see many buildings throughout Downtown Laurel getting all spruced up for this once-a-year event.

Maybe you’ll see a coat of fresh paint or modern new signage, or maybe even one of our special chalk-board sandwich boards announcing a special promotion or giveaway for the event.

With the LMS Facade and Amenities grant, these updates could be a reality for every building in Downtown Laurel! Be sure to head on over the the grant page to check out all the details and to see how you can qualify.

What you can do to support the #shopsmall movement

Do you believe in small business? The #shopsmall movement is a great way for you to support local entrepreneurs while enjoying a unique shopping experience, but it doesn’t stop there.

Why you should get involved:
Why Shop Small Infographic

Get involved by:

  • Posting about the #shopsmall movement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Telling your favorite business owners that you’d like to see them join the #shopsmall movement
  • Asking your friends to come with you to shop November 28

Follow Laurel Main Street on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for some great ideas about things to post about and discuss with your friends in the coming weeks.

The movement is here! Will you join us?

Written by Susan Ladd

Susan Ladd is a native of Franklin, TN. She recently moved to Laurel with her husband, Dr. Seth Ladd. She is an undergraduate of University of Tennessee, Chattanooga where she obtained a degree in Child and Family Studies. Since college, Susan has spent most of her career in customer experience positions. In her most recent role, she was the Experience Concierge for Ramsey Solutions in Nashville, TN where she curated events and experiences for clients. Susan takes pride in impacting others through experiences and her interactions with them. She is excited to use her time from living in places like Nashville, Franklin, Chattanooga, TN, New York City and Asheville, NC to enhance the experiences in Laurel. Susan and her husband are excited to be building a future in Laurel and feels privileged to build on the strong foundation that Laurel Main Street provides.