First State Bank Laurel Leap Game Rules

Initial Possession: Initial possession will be decided by coin toss.

Game Duration: Games will be a maximum of 15 minutes with a running clock or the first team to 15 points. Clock will ONLY be stopped for free throws and timeouts.  If clock expires, then the winner is whoever is in the lead at the time of expiration. If a game is tied when time has expired, teams will continue play until a team scores – first team to score wins. A coin toss will decide initial possession in overtime.

Scoring: Baskets made are one (1) point if made from inside the 3-point arc and two (2) points if made from behind the 3-point arc. The ball changes possession after each scored basket. No make it take it. 

Starting Possessions: When the game is started and after any dead-ball situations, the ball needs to be checked in at the top of the 3-point line by the team on defense. The ball needs to be passed in by the team on offense, not dribbled in. 

Substitutions: Players can sub in on any dead-ball situations before the ball has been checked.

Stalling: No stalling is allowed. The referee may institute a 30 second shot clock at any time. If a team has been warned and fails to shoot a shot within 30 seconds, then the team will lose possession. 

Jump Ball: All jump balls become the possession of the team on defense at the time. 

Fouls: Fouls will be called by the referee. The ball will change possession for offensive fouls. Ball will need to be checked to restart play after a foul. A team is allowed no more than 6 fouls. After 6 fouls, the opposing team will go into bonus and will be given one free throw for non-shooting fouls. 

Free Throws: One free throw is awarded if fouled while shooting inside the arc. Two free throws are awarded if fouled while shooting outside the arc.  One free throw is awarded if fouled while shooting and the shot is made. All free throws count as one (1) point. The clock will be stopped during free throws.

Following a free throw that is made, the opposing team will check the ball in from the top of the arc. If a free throw is missed, then the ball is live. 

Possession Following A Score: Check the ball at the top, behind the 3-point arc.

Possession Following a Defensive Rebound: The ball needs to be passed or dribbled anywhere behind the 3-point arc. This includes defensive rebounds of shots that miss the rim but hit the backboard.

Air Balls and Steals: In the event of an air ball or steal, the ball does not need to be cleared or checked behind the 3-point arc. If the ball hits the backboard or rim and is recovered by the defense, then it is considered a defensive rebound and will need to be cleared.

Timeouts: Each team is allowed one (1) 30-second timeout during a game. The clock WILL stop during a timeout.  

Basketballs: Only balls provided by tournament staff are allowed.

Roster: Teams must designate a captain during registration who will represent the team. A team can have no more than 5 players on the roster. A team will be allowed to start a game with 2 players.  If two players are not available at the start of the game, then the game is considered a forfeit and will be recorded as a loss.

Behavior: If any of the following rules are broken, then the referee can cancel the game and record a loss for the offending team.

No cursing or offensive language

No fighting 

While dunking is allowed, no hanging from rim or pulling down on the rim. 

Other Competitions

Slam Dunk Competition ($10 entry) : Each competitor will have the opportunity to execute two (2) dunks.  Three (3) judges will give a score and the sum of the scores will be recorded. The highest score of the two dunks will be kept for the competitor. 

The highest score will win the competition. If there is a tie, then a second round will be started.  Only one (1) dunk will be allowed during the second round. Subsequent rounds will be started if needed until a winner is declared. 

3-Point Shootout ($10 entry): Competitors will be allowed to shoot for 30 seconds, and the total number of shots made from behind the 3-point arc made will be recorded.  Players can shoot from anywhere on the court, but it must be behind the 3-point arc. One player on the court at a time.

The competitor with the most made shots in 30 seconds will be the winner.  A second round will be started if a tie exists.

Best Uniform Competition: The best uniforms will be selected by the crowd. Anyone will be allowed to write down the name of the team with the best uniform and drop the slip in the voting box.  The votes will be tallied at the end of the tournament. 

Kids Free Knock-Out  Competition ($5 entry): Competitors will line up and be allowed to play Knockout.  Players must shoot from behind the free throw line. Players will exit the line when they have been knocked out. Shooting will continue until one competitor remains and will be named the winner. There will be multiple rounds if required by the number of players. 

There will be two groups, one per court. The first will be for ages 12 years old and under. The second will be for ages 13 to 17 years old. Competitors must have a completed waiver form, signed by a parent before entering the competition.